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Proctor & Gamble have got a new product hitting the stores this month, and in my opinion it is actually something new to the skincare/body wash market. Refreshing, isn't it? It seems like left and right we're seeing companies come out with new versions of the same product. So I'm pumped to tell you about something new!

Ten Beauty Habits to Adopt Immediately

Who here has a good track record of keeping New Years' resolutions?

Notice me not raising my hand. Resolutions are not my forte, but it doesn't mean that i don't want to adopt new habits and have some sort of fresh beginning at the beginning of a new year (see me blogging? New year!).

So whether you're making a list of New Year's resolutions or just looking for some new beauty tips, I've got ten beauty habits that I think are worth adopting ASAP. Some of them will be obnoxiously familiar, so if that's the case, it's time to take a hint. Your face will thank you for them, your body will thank you for them, and you're likely to be very glad that you started these new, healthy beauty habits!

Cruelty-Free Beauty with Elements of Carytown

Cruelty-free. It's one of those expressions like "vegan" or "naturally sourced" or "kale salad" that sometimes elicits an eye-roll when it comes up in conversation. While these things have always been around, they've become more mainstream in the last decade or two for a very good reason: more and more people are becoming aware and intentional about the effect we, as humans, have on the other living beings on the planet (and on the planet itself).

Five beauty products found in your kitchen (and one to avoid)

...That first phase I went through had me in total doubt of home remedies like DIY hair masks and body scrubs. But guess what? Now I'm an ingredients-matter believer, and I love the simplicity of using natural products to create beauty remedies — not to mention the money it can save you on beauty products. Who doesn't love something that can pull double duty? Eat it and put it on my skin!? That's multitasking.

So let's get to it: what beauty products are hiding in your cabinets?

Summer Favorites!

Every time summer rolls around I play a little game with myself every day where I try to figure out just how little makeup I can put on and still feel good + put together. Especially since moving to LA, which is like summer almost all the time, I love being able to look like the very best version of my *natural* self.

This idea extends out to most of my beauty routine, really... as little as possible. The one exception I've made this year is to begin a thorough skincare routine with Arbonne's RE9 anti-aging line (no regrets! my skin is incredible right now! and it makes "as little makeup as possible" work much better). But more often than not, these days, my hair is unwashed & in a messy bun (dry shampoo to the rescue!), and my face is either makeup-free or made to look that way. 

I thought I'd put together a round-up of the products I'm using daily to keep the routine minimal and natural! It's rare for me to use products consistently — more often than not I try different things every day — but when you find something that works, stick with it. At least for now!

Social Media "Beauty"

I hopped on Pinterest today because, you know, I'm a blogger. I gotta be on all the social media. And on all of my social media accounts I follow other makeup artists, bloggers, and brands. It helps me to be inspired, to try new things, to see what other people are doing in the industry.

It's becoming increasingly obvious that this is the "standard" for beauty on social media these days. Just scroll through any makeup-related hashtag on Instagram and you'll have thousands of photos of women looking like this — or loading on seven layers of makeup and trying to look like this.