August Stitch Fix


For my last Stitch Fix of the summer, I asked for one last fix of summer clothes. It doesn't tend to get cool in Virginia until late September or early October, so I didn't want to start getting fall clothes quite yet. I wanted something reminiscent of my neon pink skinnies from June. Well... my fix only sort of delivered. Here's what turned up:

This 41Hawthorn Faceted Gem Danglers Necklace ($32) is sort of in the vein of the jewelry I wear these days, but I just didn't really like the design of this particular necklace. I am finding, however, that I tend to gravitate toward the 41Hawthorne items that come in my box!

I really loved this Under Skies Geena Tab-Sleeved Belted Tunic ($48), and I loved that it was of the lower-priced items in the box! I tend to fall in love with the most expensive items. It was a little tight around the hips, but I planned to keep it -- until I decided I need to be more financially responsible. :( Boo for budgets, right? There was just something else in the box that I loved more... you'll see.

This Carson FrontTwist Abstract Print Tank from Kut from the Kloth ($78) is reminiscent of a piece I've gotten in almost every single Stitch Fix... they tend to send me these cross-front tops a lot. I have liked them, but haven't kept one yet. This is not my favorite print, so it went back in the box.

As you can tell from my face, I did not love this dress: a Missa Schepers Cotton Striped Dress ($88). It was cute on its own, but not on me! First of all, it was too big; second of all, it hit my waist at the wrong spot; and third of all, it was the most expensive item in the box. A cotton dress. For $88. Back in the box.

This, however, was my favorite. I loved this 41Hawthone Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan ($48) as soon as I put it on -- and again as soon as I looked at the price. I love the color, I love the cut. It was the least expensive item other than the necklace, and I decided immediately to keep it! I had a $25 credit from someone using my referral code, so I got it for $23. I mean, how could I say no?

Did I get a box full of summery clothes? Not really. The sweater is pink, and the dress was summery, but other than that, it felt like sort of in-between clothes. I'm glad I didn't like more of it, as I didn't have the money to buy more than one piece in the box. But if I purchase anything from a fix, I consider it successful!

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? Tell me about it!