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If you've been keeping up with the blog for the past few months (minus my two month hiatus to move to California — thanks for your patience!), you may have noticed I've started adding bonus freebies to my blog posts.

You've probably seen them!

I've made things like 6 Ways to Hide Tired Eyes to go along with my post 10 Ways to Look Fresh (When You Don't Really Feel It); I gave you a kickass packing list with my post Beauty Travel Essentials + Tips to Beat the Suitcase Clutter so that you would never forget any toiletries again; I created an essential checklist to go through when you get a haircut to make sure you get the perfect haircut every time with my post How to Get What You Want From Your Hairstylist.

My biggest and most popular one has been 100 Beauty Tips to Make You a Pro.

That's the one I've always offered to those who join my email list, the Band of Beauties. It's a big "thank you" for inviting me into your life and keeping up with what I'm doing — and people have loved it!

But you know what? It's time for something new. I love 100 Beauty Tips, but now there's something bigger and better to offer as a thank you for signing up for the Band of Beauties:

All of it.

That's right — all of it. Everything I've created from 100 Beauty Tips to the Beauty Essentials Packing List to the Perfect Haircut Consultation Checklist and more. No more combing through old blog posts to find those freebies you missed or that came before you jumped on board!

Now, when you sign up for the Band of Beauties, you'll get immediate, full, FREE access to the Beauty Resource Library consisting of every freebie I have and will create. Not just 100 Beauty Tips, not just what I've made in the past, but everything. Each time I have a new blog post with a downloadable freebie, it will go into the Beauty Resource Library.

Pretty cool, huh?

If you're already part of the Band of Beauties, you've gotten an email with access to the library. If you're not already part of the Band of Beauties, what are you waiting for!? 

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