Birthday Stitch Fix


When I got a Stitch Fix just after New Year's Day, I packed it right up and sent it back. You know, I actually may have tried one or two things on - but for the most part, my sizes have changed, so nothing fit quite right. I sent it back, changed my sizes in my style profile, and requested my next Stitch Fix to arrive the Monday before my birthday. My birthday was on this past Thursday, and boy did I get a birthday Stitch Fix! I was looking for some fun pieces to wear while doing whatever I ended up deciding to do for my birthday (dinner out with Husband the night of, bowling with friends on Saturday, brunch with family on Sunday). I only wore a Stitch Fix piece out to dinner with Husband, but boy do I love what I got. Check it out:

I mean I know I started this all excited but we're just going to start with the one thing I didn't like: this Mystree Bellflower Sleeveless Striped A-Line Dress ($78). Just not that flattering, obviously wrinkles easily, too childish a shape.

I love the style and print of this Eight Sixty Georgina arrow print racerback tank ($58), and I almost kept it - but in the end, it didn't fit quite right in the shoulders. This would have been perfect for bowling, right? It hurt to send it back, but it wasn't worth keeping something that didn't fit me perfectly.

Tooootally fell in love with this the moment I pulled it out of the box: a Kensie Bellview scallop tiered short sleeve blouse ($28. That's right, $28). I love getting adorable tops that don't require a sweater over them at work, though I could probably only wear this on a day that I don't have any color services (gotta protect the white!). Love, love, love. Loose fitting, super cute, killer over a pair of black skinnies and some heels... win. Kept it.

This was my favorite by far. This 41Hawthorne Bindy Fit and Flare ponte dress ($78) was what I wore out to dinner with the Husband on my birthday. I love love love this dress, and I don't have anything like it! I love the three-quarter-length sleeves (love three-quarter-length sleeves) and the amazing color. You know what else? It just fits really well. It's not too tight (so many of my clothes these days... ugh), it's not too short, it's adorable but also conservative if I need it to be... just love it.

And do you see my earrings? Lemme zoom for you:

These are so fun and playful! They're Kristie beaded chandelier earrings by Zad ($32). They'll liven up an all-black work outfit, but they also look awesome with other colors (like my dress!). I always love fun dangly earrings.

It was so nice to get an awesome Stitch Fix and keep so many things out of it. I was feeling a little new-clothes-deprived. The experience of a Stitch Fix is just so much fun! Have you tried it yet?