Bloggers Christmas Beauty Brawl: Maybelline Brow Drama Pro Palette Review

Welcome to the seventh review of the Bloggers Christmas Beauty Brawl! For the past six days and the next four days (including today), three other bloggers and I will be reviewing ten products each, from the same categories, by the same standards. We'll honestly review and score all of our purchases, and at the end of the ten days whichever blogger chose the best products (has the highest score) will win a prize. Fun for both of us: reviews for you, prezzies for me (I hope!).

Today we're reviewing our choices for brow products and I chose the brand-new Maybelline Brow Drama Pro Palette! I'm a fan of ALL things brows, and Maybelline is definitely on top of the drugstore brow game more than the other brands. 

Day seven of the #bxbeautybrawl is BROWS, and I'm reviewing the Maybelline Brow Drama Pro Palette! Four bloggers, ten products each, ten days: click through to see the Bloggers Christmas Beauty Brawl!

The Brow Drama Pro Palette contains a colored wax, a brow powder, and a highlighting powder. Also included is a double-ended angled brush and a brow spoolie. This set should get top marks for the included tools alone

The textures of all of these products are pretty good; the wax isn't too heavy or goopy, the powders are fine and easy to apply without fallout, There's no noticeable scent that you sometimes find in drugstore products, which is nice!

Though I appreciate the provided tools, I did find the brush a little underwhelming when it came to applying the wax. I felt like the brush needed to be a little stiffer to get enough product on it; it took quite a while to fill in my brows adequately. I know that things like brows need to be done slowly and with patience, but I'd like to move a little more quickly. I used my Real Techniques brow brush after the first application, and that helped!

I felt like the palette gave me good brows as well as any other products have, which is saying something since I usually use more expensive brow products! I felt like they stayed on most of the day, too; I applied wax first, then powder to set it, then highlighting powder underneath. I even liked the highlighting powder! It wasn't too glittery, it had a nice sheen to it.

Because I have a few brow products that I adore, and I tend to do my brows the same way every day, this isn't something I'll use on a regular basis, but it's the kind of thing I'd put in my purse to touch up or to create more polished, longer-lasting brows on the go. If you're still on the search for a good brow product, I'd definitely recommend this!

The Maybelline Brow Drama Pro Palette is available wherever Maybelline is sold, costs $12.99 (it's starting to seem like almost everything I chose costs $12.99!), and is available in four different colors!

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Have you tried Maybelline's brow products? What are your favorite brow products?

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