Bloggers Christmas Beauty Brawl: Revlon Ultimate All-in-One Mascara Review

Welcome to the EIGHTH review of the Bloggers Christmas Beauty Brawl! For the past seven days and the next three days (including today), three other bloggers and I will be reviewing ten products each, from the same categories, by the same standards. We'll honestly review and score all of our purchases, and at the end of the ten days whichever blogger chose the best products (has the highest score) will win a prize. Fun for both of us: reviews for you, prezzies for me (I hope!).

Today we're reviewing our choices for a mascara! I've always been a mascara lover, so I was pumped to pick out something new from the drugstore. I chose Revlon Ultimate All-in-One mascara (sounds pretty promising, right?).

Day eight of the #bxbeautybrawl is mascara and I've chosen Revlon All-in-One Mascara to review! Click through to see what I thought of it. The Bloggers Christmas Beauty Brawl: Ten days, ten products, ten reviews.

Wrong. I was so disappointed with this mascara.

I'll give Revlon props for the design and packaging — simple, eye-catching, unusual shape — because I'm pretty sure that's the exact reason I chose this mascara. That, and the fact that I'd never heard of it before, and I would rather review something like that than a mascara that plenty of people have tried and reviewed.

That's about as far as my positive review goes, because when your product promises to do everything, it better at least do something.

I knew the moment I opened the mascara that I'd made a huge mistake. The brush on the wand was this tiny little nub of a thing, with itty bitty bristles, and it was the perfect shape for holding on to way too much mascara so that you can get that nice, clumpy effect. You know how usually when you pull a mascara wand out of the tube, it pulls of some of the product so you don't get too much? This one doesn't.

It's also got a bit of that odd, plasticky smell that drugstore mascara can have (though I admit I asked for it, choosing a drugstore mascara to review). 

So, presumably an "all-in-one" mascara will do three things: curl, lengthen, and volumize. So how did it do with those three things? I'll admit, it has a teensy bit of curling power right off the bat, but I notice no lengthening whatsoever, and building it up to get volume results in clumps that you can't maneuver out of your lashes because there are no dang bristles on the wand to do it! 

On top of that, because the bristles are so tiny, I can't help but get mascara all over my eyelid when I try to get down at the base of my lashes and work my way up (which is, you know, how you're supposed to apply mascara). So I've got four lashes because they're all sticking together, and smudges all over my eyelid.

Now, I'll admit that mascara is a deeply personal thing. Some people swear by one mascara and others hate it. I could never get on board with Benefit They're Real! mascara, but most people can't get enough of it (though I'm an enormous fan of Benefit Roller Lash). I am not going to say that this is an objectively terrible product, but it was soooo not for me. 

How do I even assess the value for the money? It's $8.99, which might be worth it to you to at least try it. But I'd rather spend my $9 on Revlon's Grow Luscious, which is no longer being sold. This all-in-one mascara is part of Revlon's attempt to simplify their mascara line with only five products, so they're replacing their mascaras with these new formulas. I'm pretty convinced that what I really loathe about this product is the brush, so I'd be willing to try one of their other new mascaras. 

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Have you tried any of Revlon's new mascaras? What do you think?  

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