Bloggers Christmas Beauty Brawl: CoverGirl Outlast All-Day Primer

Welcome to the fourth review of the Bloggers Christmas Beauty Brawl! For the past three days and the next seven days, three other bloggers and I will be reviewing ten products each, from the same categories, by the same standards. We'll honestly review and score all of our purchases, and at the end of the ten days whichever blogger purchased the best products (has the highest score) will win a prize. Fun for both of us: reviews for you, prezzies for me (I hope!).

Today we're reviewing our choices for a primer, and my product choice is CoverGirl Outlast All-Day Primer. If I'm totally honest, I rarely even browse the CoverGirl section of the drugstore. There's no particular reason; I'm sure they have plenty of great makeup of which I am totally ignorant. But for the Beauty Brawl, I wanted to have products from a variety of brands, so I chose my primer from CoverGirl. (I'd also already tried most of the primers from most of the other brands). 

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The first thing I noticed about the design of this product is that it is oddly unlike of the other CoverGirl products. Red and white?? Seems a little clinical compared to the bright colors of their other products. But the package itself is what has become the standard for primers... it's hard to find a primer that isn't in this type of tube with the twist & click top!

One thing I like about primers is that in general, they don't have a strong scent. I like this because most makeup does have some sort of scent, and so does skin care, and I don't need my primer going in there and muddying it all up, you know? This primer is no different. When you put it on your skin, the fragrance is very light and almost unnoticeable. Were you to stick your nose right up in it, freshly applied, sure, it's going to smell a little weird. But it blends nicely with the other fragrances.

The texture would surprise you if you're used to using primers like the iconic Smashbox Photo Finish or any of its variations. The Outlast All-Day Primer is a little more of a liquid texture, and when you apply it it doesn't feel like it's doing much. But it's been 5-7 minutes since I dabbed a bit on my hand to test the fragrance, and I can see exactly where I applied it: a soft, smooth spot surrounded by my dry, textured hands. It's definitely got a great finish.

So how does it do as a primer? It's certainly not the primer-to-end-all-primers, but it does about as much as you would expect a drugstore primer to do. I can't say it does wonders for extending the life of my makeup during the day (perhaps I get an extra hour or two out of it?), but it does deliver on giving your foundation a smoothed canvas.

CoverGirl is one of the most widely available brands there is, so you can probably find this primer in almost any store that sells makeup of this caliber. At $12.99, I definitely think you're getting what you pay for.

So would I recommend it? Yes, if you're trying to pinch pennies; but if you want a primer that's really going to do its job, the drugstore is not the place to find it.

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What do you think of drugstore primers? What's your favorite?

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