A few months ago, the salon where I work launched a specialty blowdry service called La Brezza. It's Italian for "the breeze" (we stuck with the Italian theme of our name, La Bella), and it's designed for you to be able to breeze in and breeze out with a gorgeous style. Modeled after blow dry bars that are popping up all over the place, we wanted to provide a location in Richmond where people could come in to get their hair washed & styled for the weekend, for an event, or just for fun!

Before I went to LA, I knew I wanted to visit the original blowdry bar, Drybar. There are copies all over LA, but Drybar was the first and seems to have really cornered the market on dry bars. They've created a simple, straightforward business and made it fun for the client. Whereas our salon (and your typical salon) still does cuts, colors, and chemical services, Drybar does only styles (their tagline is "No cuts. No color. Just blowouts."). They've also launched their own line of styling products and hot tools.


The cutest thing about Drybar, I think, is that everything is bar-themed from the setup of chairs at a bar (behind which the receptionists walk, and products are lined up on shelves like liquor bottles) to the names of their services and products.

As a hairstylist, I have the privilege of getting my hair done mostly for free and whenever I need it, but I never get to be the client. I don't get pampered, I don't get to be treated as a guest. So I was super pumped to go to Drybar for a little TLC! Molly and I tried to go into the Studio City location (where Garrett & Molly live) as walk-ins on Sunday morning, our first day in LA, but they were booked for the day, so instead we made appointments online for Monday evening. That was a) super simple, and b) much better because we were able to book appointments at the same time.

We were offered a drink when we arrived, and though they had just run out of champagne we were offered white wine. Which we accepted. After waiting just a few minutes (we browsed the product shelves and sipped our wine), our stylists came out together and took us to their chairs to talk about what we wanted to do. I sat down with my stylist, Liam, and told him I wasn't sure if I wanted a Mai Tai (the beachy, wavy look) or the Southern Comfort (lots of volume, which has always been my challenge). He immediately grabbed a copy of Vogue and showed me Kate Upton on the cover. I mean, obviously. So we headed back to the shampoo bowls.

By the way, did I mention you can add a ten-minute head massage (called a "floater") onto your service for $10? I mean... why wouldn't you? Obviously we did. It was amazing.

When Liam took me back to his chair, I got him talking about being a hairstylist (and told him that I am a hairstylist), and we had SUCH a fun conversation. He asked me a lot about what I like to do, what I have trouble with, what products I like, etc., and in turn he gave me tips and shared foil patterns & color formulas. Talk about jackpot, right? I loved it! I think it slowed him down a bit - he took about an hour and 15 minutes on my hair rather than the 45 allotted - but I was the last client of the day, and Husband & Garrett were playing tennis, so neither of us was in a hurry.

In the end, I loved my blowout (even if I did initially feel like a cupcake), and I still loved it hours later after dinner. Molly's hair also looked amazing!

It was such a treat. Seriously. I'm not saying I would do it on a weekly basis, but certainly monthly! And the floater is so relaxing -- totally worth the $10. The salon is adorable, and everybody was extremely friendly (though I found that to be the case all over LA). All in all, A+ for Drybar-- and come see me for a blowdry treat of your own if you're in the Richmond area!