Fall Fashion with JORD Wooden Watches


Have you been shopping lately? Have you noticed that everyone's put their fall clothes out? We're approaching my favorite time of year and I'm super pumped about it. Boots & skinnies galore. Now I've always been a minimal accessories gal, and that goes for every season — I typically wear my wedding rings, a pair of earrings, and a watch. I've had a number of watches in my time: a pink Baby G (oh yeah!), an Italian, tortoise-shell watch with a blue suede band, a super-thin Swatch I purchased from the Swatch motherland herself, a gorgeous Kate Spade that was a wedding gift from Husband.... but what I have never had... is a wood watch.

A wood watch! I've seen 'em, but I've never had one. Until now. JORD makes a variety of gorgeous wooden watches, and when I had the opportunity to pick one to review it was an incredibly difficult decision. There are so many colors and styles to choose from! I ended up going with the Ely Maple, a simple, light-colored watch with a matching face.

JORD Wood Watch - Ely Maple
JORD Wood Watch - Ely Maple

I wasn't sure what to expect from a wooden watch— would it be heavy? Clunky? Fragile? But when I got it, I wasn't disappointed. It wasn't heavy at all, in fact it was surprisingly light. It's clearly well-made and while it is a chunky watch (what else would you expect?), it's not overly large. I imagine some of the watches could be given their design, but mine is a great size:

JORD Wood Watches
JORD Wood Watches

See? It's exactly the size I would expect from a watch made of wood: a good amount of chunkiness, but nothing huge or overbearing. It's not really made for any sort of serious water resistance, but that's to be expected. Unfortunately for me, that means I can't wear it to work as I've got my hands in a shampoo bowl all day, but it's perfect for casual wear on the weekends.

Each watch is made with a scratch-resistant mineral glass face and is splash-resistant. As someone who usually has no idea what day of the month it is, I also find the date window incredibly useful. JORD offers watch sizing before they send it to you, which just involves measuring your wrist, and they also offer a 1-year limited warranty. The watches range from $120-$295.

How does one wear a wood watch, you ask? Well, since fall is quickly approaching (it's already cooling off here in Richmond!), I've put together a few fall outfit ideas with H&M, which is my current favorite source for clothing. Since you're spending a bit on your watch, why not balance it out with less expensive clothing?

H&M + JORD Wood Watches
H&M + JORD Wood Watches 3
H&M + JORD 2




H&M jersey dress

, $23 /

H&M faux leather pants

, $19 /

H&M wedges shoes

, $47 /

Fieldcrest wood watch by JORD

, $120 /

H&M jewelry

, $7.79 /

H&M Square Scarf

, $7.79

Visit the JORD website or click the widget below to see more of the watches that JORD has to offer! 

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JORD wood watches provided me with a sample watch at no cost to me to try & review. All opinions here are my own. See my full disclosure policy here