First Fall Stitch Fix!


In truth, our budget doesn't have room for a Stitch Fix this month. I even thought that I had cancelled my next fix, and was surprised when I got the email letting me know that my fix had shipped! At first I was just disappointed because I knew I would be tempted by the fix -- but then I remembered that they charge you a styling fee of $20, and if I didn't purchase anything, I'd lose the $20. So the smart thing to do would be purchase something, right? ;)

Luckily for me, a friend of mine just got her first fix, so the same day I received my fix, I also received a $25 referral credit. How 'bout that?

Turns out not only did I not cancel my fix -- I specifically asked for some fall clothes in this fix. My stylist wrote a personal note at the top of my fix, telling me how cool it must be to be a hairstylist, and telling me which pieces she picked for me to be able to wear to work, as well as why she picked certain pieces (and which were her favorite for me). That was a first!

Want to see what I got?

I was not much of a fan of this Tulle Kason tie-waist knit cardigan ($48). I don't mind the fabric itself, but I don't like the way it ties in the front, and I don't like the general shape. I could see it on some people, but I wasn't a fan and sent it back.

Unfortunately, I hated this top the moment I pulled it out of the box. It's a Collective Concepts top - the Alexina watercolor three button blouse ($68). I've kept Collective Concepts tops in the past, but not this one. Now, keep in mind: I look at each piece as it relates to me and my wardrobe, so when I say I hate something, it doesn't mean I hate it absolutely. It just means I hate it for me. The color is bad, the pattern is bad, and the fit is really bad. Back in the box.

On the whole, I like the look of this Bay to Baubles Square Gems & Gold Border bib necklace ($36) -- I like the colors, I like the style, I like the size. What I don't like is the gold. I asked for a healthy mix of gold and silver when it comes to jewelry, and I tend to get more gold than anything, which is unfortunate because though I am open to gold, I don't love it. I have, in fact, kept a gold necklace in the past. But the gold on this necklace just looks super cheap. Boo. Back in the box.

I love this jacket - a Sweet Rain Roger asymmetrical zipper jacket ($68). My friend Christine got the same one in her fix, but in a different color, and I was jealous of it when I saw the picture! I was happy I got one too, though red isn't typically my color. This red, however, I like! And Husband really liked this, too. I really went back and forth on this, because I love it, but I really could only afford to purchase one item out of my fix this month, and this jacket definitely had some competition...

This Daniel Rainn Alessia sheer applique detailed blouse ($68) was my favorite the moment I pulled it out of the box. I'm not sure if you can see it from the picture, but it's got an applique pattern on the front. It's almost kind of tribal. I love the sheerness of the top (it's got a little tank attached underneath), and it's perfect for work. It's just more me than anything in the box, and I think that was the struggle deciding between this and the jacket above. I do Stitch Fix to expand my wardrobe and try new things that I wouldn't pick for myself (the jacket), but I want to make sure I have clothes I'm going to get a lot of use out of (the black blouse). In the end, I knew I would wear the black top a lot more. So that's what I kept. :)

Have you gotten your first Stitch Fix yet? Send me pictures!!