For my blondies: keep it gorgeous!

Trouble with your blonde hair going brassy or yellow between colors? This will fix it!

For those of you who don't have blonde hair: a gorgeous head of blonde takes time and it takes money. There are a few rare people who are born with light hair that gets beautifully and naturally highlighted by the sun, and we're all jealous of those people, but the rest of us have to work for it. 

There is nothing as frustrating as spending lots of money and lots of time in the salon to get your hair highlighted, only for it to turn yellow or brassy. It's totally normal: as lightener lifts pigment out of the hair, the color goes through phases of red. Let's say theoretically that you're trying to go from black hair to blonde hair. As the lightener sits on the hair, first the hair will turn brown, then brown-red, then red, red-orange, then orange, then gold, then yellow, then pale yellow, then palest yellow as the natural (or artificial) color is removed from the hair. If you don't get the hair light enough, it will have a tendency to get yellow or, god forbid, "brassy" (gold) over time. (This doesn't, of course, apply to those of you who want a golden blonde.)

Enter: purple shampoo.

On the color wheel, purple is directly across from yellow, which means that they cancel each other out. So: purple shampoo will cancel out the yellow tones in your hair. Have you ever seen a little old lady walking around with purple tinted hair? It's because she (over-)uses purple shampoo. Grey hair, as well as blondes, can tend to yellow. So she reaches for the purple shampoo, albeit maybe a little too much.

Here's the thing: not just any purple shampoo will perform the magic that is removing the yellow from your hair. Don't just go wandering into the drug store and buying a purple shampoo -- they're not all the same. You want one with pretty intense pigment, like UNITE Blonda shampoo (left) or Schwarzkopf BC Color Save Silver shampoo (right). Those are both fantastic shampoos, available from a local salon (we sell Blonda at La Bella!).

Here's the other thing: do not use it every day. You will be walking around with purple tinted hair like those little old ladies. Instead, use it once a week, or every third shampoo. Or, just use it whenever you feel like you need it. It might end up being once a month!

I swear, you will love your blonde longer if you maintain it between appointments!

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