How to Create Your Own Custom Foundation

End the search for the perfect foundation and create your own! This fool-proof method will save you so much time, energy, and money! Click through for the how-to.

Look, I know you all know the struggle. If you're reading this, the chances are that at some point in your life you've purchased a foundation that was just completely the wrong color or finish. Yeah, I know you, cause I am you. My life in makeup — ever since I first started wearing it in high school — has been one big struggle to find The Foundation.

You know, The Foundation? The holy grail of skin enhancers, The One that disappears into your skin and yet makes it look stunningly flawless, The One that keeps you looking fresh and dewy (or dry and shine-free) all day with minimal touch-ups. We all want The Foundation to exist, and for most of us, the search is never-ending.

Yes, I have found some foundations that I adore, but nothing lasts forever, right? Is anything really perfect for all seasons, all occasions? Is there really a foundation that can do everything?

Well, probably not.


In all likelihood, you've found a few foundations that you really, really like. You might have this one ultra-matte foundation in one hand that you love for its shine control, but maybe the color is just slightly too light or it's a little too matte and makes you look ashy... and in the other hand you might have this long-wearing foundation that really lasts, but is a little too dewy and juuuuuust a bit too dark for you right now. Oh, and while you want shine control, you also would like a healthy glow like you see on celebrities and YouTube artists.

So what do you do? Mix them together to create your own custom foundation.

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Okay, there's a chance that this is less a hypothetical situation and more what I've been doing every day. The Rimmel Stay Matte and Lasting Finish foundations are awesome on their own — I can soften the matte-ness of the Stay Matte with the Lasting Finish while still getting the oil control plus a punch of longevity from the Lasting Finish (and the two not-quite-right colors balance each other out for my perfect skin color) — but when I add a dot of the BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal, poof! I get gorgeous, glowing skin.

And you know the best part? These foundations & the skin perfector can be subbed out for whatever your favorite foundations are. Don't want the glow from the skin perfector? Kick it out. Prefer something more high-end? Sub it in. Custom foundation.

I'm sure we've all heard of buying two colors of foundation and mixing them together in different ratios depending on the time of year & how tan you are, but maybe you've never considered the benefits of different foundation finishes. The world of foundation has just been cracked open and become endless in its possibilities. You're welcome.

Another pairing I've always loved is the nutrients of a BB cream or moisturizer + the coverage of a concealer. You heard me. Full coverage is usually my game, and concealer definitely pumps up the coverage (warning: if your skin is sensitive to breakouts, use with caution).

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A small (small = one pump) amount of long-lasting concealer like MAC Pro Longwear pumped into any BB cream (Garnier is pictured above)will give you both coverage and longevity. Or, for less coverage without losing the longevity, mix the concealer with your moisturizer instead.

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Below is a list of some of the various foundation attributes you can find. These will probably be doubled up in one foundation (like a long-lasting, medium coverage foundation with a dewy finish, for example), so go ahead and grab a few foundations you already have (if you're like me and own about 20 from just trying them all) and give them a mix!

Sheer coverage

Medium coverage

Full coverage


Matte finish

Dewy finish

Blemish control

Healthy skin




Scroll down for some ready-made foundation combos to try!

Try out some of these combos!

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