MAC Store Magic


There were a few things on my list of must-do's in LA, and one of them was to visit a MAC store. I can get MAC makeup in Richmond, but only in the department stores; I wanted to go to a real store. I'd never used MAC makeup before, and I've heard so many amazing things about it, so I wanted to know where to start. I had a few products I knew I wanted to get, but what I really wanted was for someone to do my makeup. :)

Molly and I went into the MAC store at The Grove around 3:00 and it was jam packed! I asked someone about getting my makeup done, and she said that it was an event weekend (who knows what that means) so I would have to make an appointment. Luckily for me, they had a 3:30 appointment available and Dylan's Candy Bar was a 3 minute walk away! So Molly and I went to the candy store to pass the time (please-- pass the time? This was also on my list) and returned at 3:30.

I had to wait a little bit because my makeup artist had just gotten there and she had to clean her brushes, but Shayna asked me lots of questions about what I was looking for, what sorts of colors I usually wear, etc. At first I told her that I steer toward cooler colors on my eyes, but then I told her to do whatever she felt would look good.

She started with moisturizer & primer applied with a stipple brush; then she did my eyes. Brows came first with Eye Brows in Fling. Since I told her to do what she wanted, she used warmer brown eyeshadows to complement my blue eyes (which people often want to do). The reason I don't usually like warm colors on my eyes is because I don't like the way warm colors look with my skin, and unfortunately, this was no exception. When I first looked in the mirror, I felt like I looked kinda dead - but I knew that it would look better once I had the rest of my face on :)


 I don't remember all of the shades that she used, but I think she used Brule all over (a creamy beige) and I know she used Soft Brown in my crease. For my eyeliner, she used a bronze color, but I'm not sure which eyeliner it was. If I were doing my own makeup, I would have used black to really define my eyes and take the focus off of the smokey, warm browns. Last on my eyes was mascara, and I don't know which but I don't care but it was CLUMP CITY.

I was much happier with the rest of my face! She used Matchmaster foundation in shade 1 (because I'm so pasty fair-skinned). Next up was Pro Longwear concealer in NW20 (this is what I most wanted to purchase going into the experience), and all of that was set with Mineralize Skinfinish powder in Medium (I was pleasantly surprised to hear that I didn't need the lightest shade!). After she applied the bronzing powder in Golden I had to ask her what she used because I loved it! It was such a great color on my skin. She also used a limited-edition blush, Royal Sunset, which is such a pretty, peachy-pink color. Love. On top of that she added some highlighting powder, but I'm not sure of the color.

Last up, on my lips she used Mineralize Rich lipstick in Posh Tone (a pinky-nude) and lip pencil in Subculture (which is almost exactly the color of my lips). She topped it off with a gloss, but I don't remember the color.

Okay, so here's how I felt overall: the look grew on me, but for the most part, I didn't love it. I've been trying to expand my shadows into warmer colors because I probably think they look worse than they actually do, but I felt like I looked a little colorless, in the end. The bronzer & blush colors are so pretty but don't pop, so combined with the warm brown shadows that I felt made me look dead and the very light lip color, not to mention a less-than-defined eye, it just really looked like I could use more color on my face. I wish it had been a more fresh look.

(See the clumpy eyelashes??)

As for the makeup, though, I did make some purchases: the Pro Longwear concealer, which I've been wanting for a long time; the Mineralize Skinfinish powder; the Royal Sunset blush; the lipstick and the lipliner; and the soft brown eyeshadow. Though I didn't like all of these colors together, I liked them individually so I'm working them into my routine!

But let's just say that even though it wasn't the greatest makeup look for me, I still loved the experience and I'm excited to finally have some MAC makeup! Now that I've been to the store, I'll probably make future purchases at the department store counter or online.

Thanks to Molly for snapping some photos while I was getting my makeup done!