Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation Stick Review

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For a long time, Make Up For Ever was one of those mystical makeup brands that I was afraid to try. In my head I'd made it out to be the perfect makeup — the makeup that would be exactly what I wanted it to be, that would end my search for the best of the best. But I was afraid to try it because I always thought I wasn't quite good enough to use it yet.

Is that crazy? It's makeup. It's not all made the same, but it's all makeup. If I've got the dollars to spend on it, I've got the right to use it! So last year I overcame my fears and bought one of their concealer palettes. It was perfect — exactly what I wanted to be. (Makeup dreams coming true: check.)

Recently, working on a movie set, I noticed that the other seasoned makeup artists were using Make Up For Ever Ultra HD foundation, and I made a mental note (little ol' noob, Yours Truly, just had a no-name palette from Amazon). I certainly can't afford to buy a bunch of new foundations for my kit, even with my pro discount, so I opted to just buy my shade and try it on myself. Except the shop didn't have my shade in stock. So instead I purchased the stick form of the same foundation, which I'd seen a lot of YouTubers use.

And you know what?

It was perfect — exactly what I wanted it to be.

Now, this is a stick foundation, so naturally it's going to be a thicker application than the liquid foundation. Bear that in mind from the start. But if you're going for full, natural-looking coverage, this is it. Here's the type of coverage it provides on my face, and I've only covered half of it so you can see what my skin looks like without it:

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation Stick coverage comparison

When I say natural-looking, I don't mean it looks like you don't have foundation on; no one's skin is that perfect. I think the liquid form tends more in that direction (being called "Invisible Coverage Foundation" and all). But this practically melts into your skin to create this hybrid, foundation-skin coverage that looks all smooth and glowing. That's what we want from a full-coverage foundation, right?

One of the best parts about this foundation is the mess-free application. The product goes straight from the stick to your face — no hands involved, unless you use them to blend (I use Real Techniques' Buffing Brush to blend it to perfection). If you're worried about bacteria growth, I recommend swiping the foundation onto a paper towel to remove that top layer that touched your face after you apply it. 

Surprisingly enough (or not surprisingly, since MUFE is fulfilling my dreams of it being a perfect brand), this foundation feels incredibly comfortable on the skin and looks good all day. It's very creamy!

I recommend the Ultra HD stick for normal-to-dry skin; I think if you're on the oily side you might struggle with some slippage and shininess due to the creamy, glowing formula.

You can get Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation Stick from Sephora for $43. Save yourself some dough and sign up for Ebates (it's free!) to get cash back! 

I am not in any way sponsored by or affiliated with Ebates — I'm simply someone who really enjoys getting checks in the mail without having to lift a finger.

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