My Favorite YouTube Makeup Artists

So many makeup artists get started watching YouTube. See some of my favorite YouTube makeup artists!

It's only in the past year or so that I've really gotten into YouTube. I never really had much of a use for it before. Every once in a while I'd watch some funny video, or look for a clip of something that I saw on TV, but for the most part I didn't really understand the draw.

Now? Now I'm a card-carrying YouTube user. Clearly you know I make videos, so of course I have a YouTube account, but I don't just film and post videos. I have a long list of YouTube makeup artists that I subscribe to, and I get emails every time they post a new video. I love to snuggle under a blanket and watch the latest videos, learning something or getting a new idea every time I do.

I thought I'd share the love and tell you about some of my favorites, and I've included a video for each of them!

Jaclyn Hill is the one who really kicked off my love for makeup videos. I'd seen some before, but I got addicted to Jaclyn's bubbly personality and techniques I had never seen before. Love!

Kandee Johnson does a pretty wide range of videos, so I don't always love everything she does, but she's got so many videos. I'd consider her one of the original YouTube makeup artists, and she's probably the most famous.

Emma Pickles is a new favorite of mine, and I think she's adorable. She's stunning, but then she has this tiny little Northern England accent that I just think is so cute. She's great at making herself look like other people!

Lisa Eldredge is a makeup artist to the stars, so I love when she shows you how to do makeup looks that she did on particular celebs. You're getting it straight from the source here, people!

Last but not least, Pixiwoo is my absolute favorite. They do a huge variety of videos from wearable, everyday looks to celebrity looks to costume & period makeup. They have hundreds of videos, and it's a never-ending treasure trove of makeup inspiration. I watch Pixiwoo videos all the time and I love love love them!

Those are my favorites, and you should definitely check them out. Do you have any favorite YouTube makeup artists?

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