OMG Nail Strips Review

A few weeks ago, I got an email from OMG Nail Strips asking if they could send me some nail strips to review. Uh... yes, yes you can send me something free to try. They asked me to pick out a design, and here's what I picked:

Cute, no? They have a lot of options, so it was difficult for me to choose, but the Pink & Black Stars is the design I picked. They sent me the nailstrips without the packaging because they were in the middle of redesigning for better instructions. No biggie. They sent me a link to the instructions (with video!) so I was good.

I should mention at this point that I don't usually like nail strips all that much. Have you ever tried them? They're usually cumbersome and can be difficult to match to your nail size and shape. In my experience, they don't last that long and never look quite as clean as a regular manicure.

Unfortunately, I can't say that these nail strips were any different. They're on the thin side (therefore floppy), and that made them tough to apply -- BUT that also makes them harder to peel off on their own, which I like. Plus, I've never used nail strips with a top coat, and they start to peel within a few hours -- but I applied these yesterday morning, and they've been great! No peeling or catching on anything.

The thing about nail strips is that the edge always look a little wonky because you have to file it to cut the extra off. For that reason, the tips look like you've worn the polish down from use, which I don't love.

So, want to see what they look like?

Not too bad, right? Cute design, and when you don't look too closely I think they look great. If you look a little closer, the edges look worn, and I'm not sure if you can see it on my pointer finger but right near the tip there are some holes and you can see my nail underneath. Not totally sure where that came from. Also, on a few edges there are some white spots -- almost as if the design layer is pealing back from the adhesive.

Final decision? They're okay. If you like nail strips, they've got great designs, and you will probably like them more than I did. As I said, I've never loved nail strips. And in all honesty, any trouble I had may be due to inexperience!

If you want to try them out, OMG Nail Strips are $6.89 for a pack, and that includes shipping. You can get a set of 4 for $20 using the coupon code "4pack" and a set of 10 for $45 using the coupon code "10pack".

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OMG Nail Strips provided product for review at no cost to me, but this post is not sponsored, nor did I receive any compensation. See my Disclosure Policy for more details.

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