On not washing your hair

If you've ever said to yourself, "I have to wash my hair every day because it gets so greasy!" — this post is for you!

You must have heard it before - you don’t need to wash your hair every day. And you think, “I have to, my hair gets SO oily. If I don’t wash it, I look like a greasball!” Please hear (read?) me when I say this… it’s very important: your hair gets so greasy because you wash it every day.

Your scalp produces oil based on how often you wash the oil out of it. It is over-producing oil because you keep cleaning it! Over time, if you wash it less, your hair will get the picture and stop producing so much oil. Even if you have very fine hair (which is known for getting greasy quickly), washing your hair less is possible. Here are some tips to get you through:

Be patient (sorry!)

Before starting this process, understand that it will take anywhere from 2-5 weeks, and you will not love your hair on the days you don’t wash it (nobody said this would be pain-free). You’re okay. You can handle it. The world will not end because your hair doesn’t look amazing.

You don't have to have bed head

Making this work does not necessarily mean you have to work with whatever you've got when you roll out of bed in the morning! On the days that you don’t wash your hair, rinse it really well in the shower as if you’re trying to get shampoo out of your hair. This will redistribute your scalp oils to your dry ends so it’s not so concentrated at your scalp. Then blow-dry and style as normal. It won’t be perfect, but it won’t be matted to your head from sleeping on it!

Soak up the extra oil

Get yourself a can of dry shampoo — I'm honestly not sure how anyone does this without it. Dry shampoo will get you through the non-wash days by soaking up a lot of the excess oil in your hair. I love Suave’s dry shampoo (I also really shouldn't say that, as a hairstylist). Be sure to grab their regular dry shampoo (silver bottle with a black cap) rather than their Keratin infusion!

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Get creative

Experiment with some new styles of putting your hair up, because you’re going to need to on your off days for a little while. Good thing for you: bobby pins are in! No need to hide them or get a color that matches your hair. Show ‘em off. Wet Seal has some great colorful and sparkly bobby pins right now, which I wear just about every day. And here's a little secret: braids hide dirty hair like a pro. I use braids all the time on non-shampoo days, and I almost always get complimented on how cute my hair looks!

I promise, you CAN do this. Even when you feel like you can't. Your hair won’t get greasy so quickly, it will be in better condition, and your color will last longer! The most important thing is not to expect that the transition period will be easy - it won’t. But that’s not a sign that it won’t work for you. You just need to have some patience!

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