Quick Brow Tutorial: Video!

Quick brow tutorial!

"How do you do your brows??" - Carly

I get this question a lot, and it's the one thing I've started doing in the past year or so that makes me wonder how I never did it before. I grew up not really liking my brows because they were sparse and light. I would pluck them, but I always felt like I'd never really have the sort of brows that I would want.

I started to look at more pictures of brows and finally figured out which shape I would really want if I could have it. I started waxing my eyebrows at work and playing around a little bit with the shape (I'll talk about shaping another time), and then playing around with filling them in. When I got married, my makeup artist used Brow Wiz by Anastasia Beverly Hills. She said she loved it because the Medium Ash color fit so many people - and I was in the market for an ashy, light brown! I kept finding that light brown or dark blonde colors were a little too warm for my skin.

Now that I fill in my brows every day, I don't know how I never did it before. It pulls my whole face together and completes whatever eye look I'm going for. See?

Yep, totally wearing my 15-year-old terrycloth bathrobe. Anyway... here's a short brow tutorial to show you how I fill in my brows! Enjoy!