Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge Review

Have you jumped on the sponge bandwagon? Of course cosmetic sponges have been around for years and years — they're nothing new. But it seems that over the last few years Beauty Blender has really created a new culture surrounding sponges. They have a whole company & line of products built around that sponge! 

The price tag for such a highly-coveted sponge? $20.

Would you spend $20 on a sponge? Have you spent $20 on a sponge? (I have. Multiple times. It's a fantastic product! No judgment here). The truth is it's difficult to fork out $20 every time you need a new Beauty Blender. That's a lot of money for a sponge, no matter what it does or how great it is.

Well that's why I'm here, friends: to tell you that you don't have to shell out $20 for a Beauty Blender anymore (sorry, Beauty Blender). Sure, loads of companies have tried to recreate it; some have been mildly successful and some have just completely failed (tip: do not purchase a colorful, beauty-blender-like sponge from CVS or Target. It is not even close.). But one company has not only created a similar product, they've done it better and they've done it for less.

I introduce the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge:

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge review on A Greater Gorgeous

You can get two of these babies — two! — for $10.99

For those of you who have gotten this far and are thinking, "What am I supposed to do with that thing? How do I use it?" — the Miracle Complexion Sponge (MCS) is fantastic for both applying and blending makeup.

How to Use the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

For foundation, you can dot it all over your face and then dab & press the MCS all over to blend it in for full coverage; you can also use the flat side to swipe it over your face as opposed to dabbing, in which case you'll get a lighter coverage. You can even pick up the foundation from the back of your hand with the MCS and then dab or swipe it all over your face to apply. 

I use it for concealer. I apply my concealer with the wand and then use the MCS to blend it in by using dabbing and pressing motions where I want the concealer to be. But it can be used for almost any product! It's most versatile when the product is applied to the face and then blended with the sponge — I adore it for cream contouring and cream blush (but don't be afraid of using it with powder!).

It can be used dry (in which case it will absorb any excess product on your face), but I prefer to always dampen it. Before using it, I hold it under the faucet and alternate letting it fill up with water & squeezing it out, about 10 times until the sponge doubles in size. Then I do a final squeeze in a towel to get out the excess moisture. The blend & finish you'll get from a damp sponge is gorgeous.

You can clean the sponge with any soap or face wash, but I like to use the RT Deep Cleansing Gel. Just dot a bit in the palm of your hand, get the sponge wet, and then swirl it around in your hand, squeezing and manipulating it to get the makeup out. Then rinse thoroughly under running water.

So why do I love the MCS more than the Beauty Blender?

I honestly prefer the shape of the MCS to the beauty blender. I think it's more versatile with the flat side to it — you can cover more of the face at once — but it's also got the pointed side to get in the corners of the eyes and around the nose. 

But truthfully, you can't beat the price tag. This isn't a "dupe" for the Beauty Blender (dupes are never quite as good as the real thing); it's a competitor. It does the exact same job for less than half the price per sponge. How can you argue with that?

Real Techniques products are sold in these places in-store and online, making them incredibly easy to find. Try out their brushes, too — they're incredibly high-quality for the price tag! I use them daily on myself and in my professional kit. 

Have you used the Beauty Blender or the Miracle Complexion sponge? What do you think?

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