Second Fall Stitch Fix


Apparently I need to put my Stitch Fixes on my calendar, because I totally forget when I scheduled them to arrive and then I get a little present on my front steps. Believe me -- it's a happy surprise. But I need to plan a little better! I thought I'd scheduled my next fix for the beginning of December, but it turns out I scheduled it for the beginning of November, and it arrived on my front steps on Saturday.

It seems there's a pattern in my boxes: usually one item that I love and keep, another item or two that I strongly consider, one that I actively dislike, and the rest is just whatever. Judging by that pattern, it would seem that Stitch Fix isn't that successful, but I'm telling you, it's all in the surprise. The excitement of what-could-possibly-be-in-the-box-this-time? Though I don't tend to keep much from my boxes, I'm always satisfied with the thrill of getting a Stitch Fix! By the way, have you tried it yet?

Here's what I got this month:

This Mystree Nadira Sequin Striped Long Sleeve Shirt is cute, but not quite long enough for me. It doesn't have much shape, and the front felt a little papery. I could see myself keeping it and wearing it every once in a while, but not enough for the $68 price tag.

I loved this sheer Bently Stripe Detailed Racerback by Sweet Rain ($38), but it was too small to fit over my boobs! Definitely not an appropriate picture available. :( Haha!

This Shara Herringbone Vest with Black Piping by 41Hawthorn ($68) was the first thing I pulled out of the box (it had its own tissue paper wrapping!), and boy do I love me some vests. Puffy vests are the thing that I love love love in the fall and winter. Husband has never been a fan (though, after trying one on last year, I think he's starting to come around). This vest was a lot cuter in the wrapping than on me, though. I felt it could have been a titch longer, with a better collar. Back in the box (though I did seriously consider it).

This is the one item I kept: a 41Hawthorn Corinna Striped Dolman Top ($48). It was the first thing I tried on and I loved it! I love the relaxed shape and the great colors. It's basically exactly the same color as my jeans, so I'll be sticking with leggings & black skinnies with this one.

Are you ready for it? Get your drumroll going, because you're about to see the ugliest item I have ever received from Stitch Fix....

Let me start by saying that I know there will be some of you that like these pants, and it is not my intention to offend you. But damn these are ugly. I laughed when I saw them. I have no problem with army greenish-brown; I have no problem with floral patterns. I strongly do not believe they go together. Yuck. These are the Kaine Floral Print Skinny Jean by Kensie Jeans, and they are a whopping $88. No thanks! Back in the box.

I've scheduled my next fix for January 2nd, and I'm counting on you to help me remember it's coming. If you've joined Stitch Fix, I would love to see what you've gotten! Snap some selfies and send them to No judgment, I promise!