Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Review


I have always been someone who longed for whiter teeth. My teeth have never been terrible, but for so much of my life I drank dark sodas, and when I sort of phased those out it coincided with starting to drink coffee more often, so my teeth have always been subject to staining. I see movies and TV shows and commercials with these dazzling, white-toothed actresses and I just think, "Wouldn't that be nice?" (Don't we all?)

Of course there are all types of ways you can whiten your teeth, from whitening strips that slide around on your teeth and taste nasty and have to be used every day for 14 days to see any kind of result (done it) to two-hour whitening with a crazy light you have to hold against your teeth for the whole two hours (done it), and they all cost an arm and a leg, and when you're done you think, "I guess my teeth are whiter?" For that reason, the last time I whitened my teeth was before my wedding three years ago and really I've resigned myself to normal, human, teeth-colored teeth.

Until Smile Brilliant contacted me about reviewing their teeth whitening system, and I said "Absolutelyheckyessendittomenow."

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening can be compared to systems you would get from the dentist because they use custom trays that fit your teeth perfectly (perfectly!), but they are so much more cost effective. Where dentists' whitening systems can cost between $500 and $600, Smile Brilliant costs between $120 and $160 depending on how much whitening gel you want. And guys, they're the same system. Save yourself some money.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening System
Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening System

This whole "custom-fitted tray" was a new thing for me, and quite a little adventure. When I received my kit, it included and extra set of the material you use to make your dental impressions in case you mess one up â€”but really, it's easy and mess-free. You mix together these two puddy-like materials with your fingers, and when they're totally combined you press them into the mouth guard-like trays and put the trays in your mouth for two minutes to make your impressions. The impressions have to sit for at 30 minutes to harden completely, and then you rinse them with water and stick them in a stamped, addressed envelope to send off to Smile Brilliant for your trays!

You wanted to see me go through the process, right? Right. Here you go.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening System
Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening System

I was a little nervous about the process at first but it seriously took 5 minutes and was super-easy. The sooner you do this after you receive the kit, the sooner you'll get your trays back! Within 10 days I received my custom-fitted trays and a mold of my teeth, which in all honesty were kind of strange to see:

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening System
Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening System

The benefit of the trays is that they allow the whitening gel to cover the entire surface of each tooth so you don't get spotty performance like with whitening strips. Plus, Smile Brilliant offers a two-year tray replacement warranty, which I assume is why they send you the mold of your teeth (for easy tray replacement so you don't have to go through the impression-making process again).

The kit comes with three, six, or nine whitening gel syringes. To whiten your teeth, you place a thin stream of gel on the front of the trays and wear them for 30-45 minutes the first time, then up to three hours after that. You can do it daily or every other day until you get the results you want, then to maintain your dazzlers you do one or two applications every 3-4 months.

You want to see the results, right?

The photo on the far left is before I used the trays at all; the remaining photos are after one use, two uses, and three uses, respectively. Pretty great results, right? [Please also note my gradually fading tan because I got lazy and stopped applying self-tanner.]

Since tooth sensitivity can be a problem with whitening systems, I didn't want to push my teeth too far (tooth pain is the worst pain), so each application was 30 minutes every other day. I'd say those are pretty remarkable results for only thirty minutes three times. In my opinion the biggest different is between the first and the second picture, so you see how much good it does after even one application!

On the subject of tooth sensitivity, Smile Brilliant also sells tooth desensitizing gel that you can apply after you whiten to rebuild the enamel in your teeth. The reason people get sensitive is because the peroxide in teeth-whitening systems has to get through the enamel and open the pores of your teeth to remove the stains, so your teeth dehydrate and put pressure on the nerve (hence the sensitivity). For the record, I didn't use the desensitizing gel until the third application, and I felt absolutely zero sensitivity at any time.

What's important to know before you whiten is that everyone's teeth are naturally a different color, so there is a limit to how much your teeth will whiten with any system — you may not get a super-bright white like those teeth you see in commercials if your teeth are not naturally that color, but you will get stain-free teeth that are restored to their own natural color!

Even though Smile Brilliant is a few more steps than your average whitening system, I still find it to be a lot easier and a lot more effective. I don't even mind the price tag because it's a system you can keep using over time, not just a box of 28 nasty-tasting strips. Plus — where else are you going to get custom-fitted trays besides the expensive dentist?

Now the fun part: I've partnered with Smile Brilliant to give YOU gorgeous, dazzling teeth! Enter below to win a $139.90 store credit to Smile Brilliant, which is the price of your custom fitted trays, three whitening gel syringes and three desensitizing gel syringes. The giveaway will be open until midnight Central time on Wednesday, August 12. Woohoo!

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If you've ever even thought about whitening your teeth, click that button. I'm very happy with the results I've seen with Smile Brilliant, and I would recommend it to anyone! I was grateful to be given the opportunity to use and review the product.

Have you used teeth whitening products before? Have you  been happy with your results, or do you feel like nothing really works as well as you'd like?

Smile Brilliant sent me a complimentary teeth whitening system in exchange for an honest review of their product. All opinions here are my own. For my full disclosure policy, click here.