Summer Makeup: Video!

Use this tutorial for a simple summer makeup look!

I finally decided in my 26th year of life that I like winter more than summer. It's not that I like being cold, it's that I very severely dislike being hot. It just doesn't work for me. I think something that goes hand-in-hand with this is that I haven't worn shorts since middle school because my legs are fluorescent white (could it be that this is because I haven't really shown them since middle school? Surely not!). So my pants-wearing-self is usually a little hot in the summer. [side note: I just asked Husband whether or not you are supposed to capitalize seasons... neither of us has the answer, so you get non-capitalized seasons.]

But this summer? Something about this summer is different. To begin: I want to wear shorts. I think this alone makes me feel more inclined to enjoy the summer heat. But really? For some reason, I haven't even noticed the heat. It just hasn't bothered me. I mean, I feel it, but I just... don't care. Perhaps it was my 26th-year-decision that freed me from the prison that is hot, humid (Virginia) weather.

So this year I get to appreciate summer for its lovely qualities, the greatest being a carefree spirit. Everything is okay in the summer! Who cares? It's summer time. You can do whatever you want in the summer. Wear shorts for the first time in many years. Try a new hair color. Spend the weekend being the complete opposite of productive. Take a vacation.

This carefree, summer spirit just begs for carefree makeup! This can come in two forms: makeup that is actually carefree -- as in, you're not really wearing any -- and makeup that just looks carefree. As for me, I like a nice, healthy combination of the two. I want to wear less makeup in the summer time (though I'm not one to go completely without) and I want the makeup I wear to be simple. Enter: my summer makeup tutorial.

I scale it back a bit on the weekends in the summer by either switching to a BB cream from my normal foundation or skipping foundation altogether. My skin likes to freckle instead of tan, so I help it out a little bit with a smidge more bronzer than I might normally wear, and instead of contouring with the bronzer, I'll apply it to the places the sun would usually hit. A light eye is crucial; heavy, shimmery eyeshadow just makes you look a little overdone, and the same goes for thick, dark eyeliner. I might still contour my eyes a little bit by adding a light brown shadow to my crease, but I'll scale back on the eyeliner by opting for brown instead of black. Lastly, a swipe of mascara and a nude lip completes my summer makeup look.

Want to see it for yourself? Well I thought you'd never ask! Here's a video tutorial for my summer makeup. Yes -- it's super long, but I think you'll find it worth the watch. It's hard to keep a whole face tutorial short when you're explaining things as you go. Visit the video on my YouTube channel for a complete listing of all products used in the video -- and while you're there, go ahead and subscribe! Happy summer :)