Super Simple Makeup: Video!

Do you feel overwhelmed by the many steps that can go into makeup? You don't have to feel that way anymore!

I've gotten a lot of responses to all of the videos I've been posting, and for the most part they're great! There are a few of you, however, who feel a little overwhelmed by all the brushes and techniques and contouring and brow filling, etc. So, for you, I decided to simplify things a little bit.

This was really hard for me to do initially because I've been putting on a full face for so long that I couldn't even remember what really basic makeup is.... but I was able to break it down into the simplest products & brushes I could to still give you a full face of makeup. Those of you who don't wear makeup all the time may cut out one or more of these products, feeling like maybe you don't need eye liner or powder, but I wanted to include everything that would complete the look while still keeping it simple.

So what is super simple makeup? It is, to me, eight steps: foundation, concealer, powder, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss. I toyed with bronzer and then decided no, that's not basic enough. I kept the brushes to a minimum, too: all you need is a powder brush, a blush brush, and an eyeshadow brush. I figured if you've ever worn makeup before, you have these brushes.

If you are new to makeup, or just not really used to it, start here! This is a simple as it gets. Learn how to apply it this way, and you can build up to more techniques and products. Master the simple makeup and you're on you're way to mastering the more complicated!

I have to just say one thing, though. While I know that some of my other videos can be overwhelming... don't be afraid to try things. Even if you never step into the presence of another human being with false lashes on your eyelids, just try them. I promise, whatever you're trying out looks better than you think. You look in the mirror and think you look horrendous, but really, you just look different. Different from what you're used to.

Don't be afraid! Snap a pic and send it to your best friend for an honest critique if you feel like you just can't step outside with this new makeup on. But you will not regret trying. :)