Ten Beauty Habits to Adopt Immediately

Looking for some great beauty tips to work into your routine? These are ten beauty habits to adopt immediately. Click through to see them!

Who here has a good track record of keeping New Years' resolutions?

Notice me not raising my hand. Resolutions are not my forte, but it doesn't mean that i don't want to adopt new habits and have some sort of fresh beginning at the beginning of a new year (see me blogging? New year!).

So whether you're making a list of New Year's resolutions or just looking for some new beauty tips, I've got ten beauty habits that I think are worth adopting ASAP. Some of them will be obnoxiously familiar, so if that's the case, it's time to take a hint. Your face will thank you for them, your body will thank you for them, and you're likely to be very glad that you started these new, healthy beauty habits!

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1. Wash your face twice a day.

Yep, twice. Wash with a gentle cleanser in the morning just to get off the sweat & bacteria that came out of your pores while you were sleeping. It doesn't need to be fancy, but it's best if you have a fresh face in the morning. Then wash your face again at night to remove makeup, SPF, dirt, grime, and bacteria from the day. 

2. Double-cleanse at night if you wear SPF or makeup during the day.

Yeah, this is something that's a little newer, and I can already hear the thoughts in your head because I had them too: double cleanse? Really? Is that necessary? Yes, it is. As skincare guru Caroline Hirons puts it, SPF and makeup are made to stick to your face, so you should take the time to remove them. Cleansing once is not enough! (See Caroline's cheat sheet on double cleansing for more info).

Personally, I love double-cleansing. I start with Clinique's Take the Day Off cleansing balm*, which feels amazing to massage all over my skin. I even rub my eyes and my lashes to remove my beloved Mirabella Lasting Lash waterproof mascara, and it doesn't bother my eyes at all! It gets everything off. Then I rinse, and while my face is still dripping over the sink, I grab my Arbonne RE9 Smoothing Cleanser* for my second wash. I have seen a significant improvement in my acne since starting this regimen!

3. Use an eye cream like it's the most important step of your skin care regimen

... because it is. Or it's at least up there near the top! There is a difference between eye creams and regular moisturizers because the skin around your eyes is very thin and very delicate. It needs special attention and special care! If you are older than 25, you should be using an eye cream or eye serum at least once a day if not twice (that is, if you want your eyes to remain young, moisturized, and wrinkle-free. Of course, you don't have to do anything).

Some of my faves are Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream, Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Eye Cream*, and Arbonne RE9 Advanced Lifting & Contouring Eye Cream*. 

Pro tip: put your eye cream or eye serum on before your moisturizer. If you put your regular moisturizer on first, you'll likely get some of it in the eye area, and then your eye cream won't absorb as well. Eye cream first!

4. Incorporate more beauty-boosting foods into your diet

The best diet for your skin will be free of sugar and dairy, but good gracious is that difficult. I am on a personal journey to drastically reduce the amount of dairy and sugar I consume, but not everybody can do that (or is even interested in doing that). So instead of focusing on what you should be cutting out, try adding some of these foods to your diet:


Why these foods? The have ingredients that directly benefit your hair, skin, and nails. It's a lot easier to style your hair, apply makeup, and paint your nails if your hair, skin, and nails are healthy!

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5. Take your vitamins

Let's be real: it's easier said than done to incorporate all of these great foods into your diet. So give yourself a break and take some vit'tamins, ok? Ideally we would get the vitamins we need from the food we eat, but unfortunately that's not always possible. So grab yourself some multivitamins, Omega-3's, and maybe some biotin or Hair, Skin & Nail vitamins if you're feeling extra ambitious. Our bodies have needs. If we can't fill them, we can't expect our bodies to perform the way we want!

6. Wash your makeup brushes

I left this until number 6 so you guys wouldn't quit reading too early :) If you've never heard this before, then I feel incredibly honored to be the one to tell you that your makeup brushes need to be washed regularly. If you rejoice a little bit when you see this, it's because you KNOW why we need to wash our makeup brushes and how important it is. And if you rolled your eyes when you read it, take a hint. Wash your brushes. There's a reason we all say it!

Brushes and sponges are breeding grounds for bacteria. When you use dirty brushes, you're asking for breakouts, blackheads, and clogged pores. Half the job of applying makeup is done by the brush - don't put yourself at a disadvantage from the get-go by using dirty brushes!

Use a quick-cleaner like Sephora Daily Brush Cleaner* or e.l.f. Brush Cleaner Wipes* to clean a brush right after you use it - these cleaners dry quickly and are great for powder brushes.

Deep clean your brushes with a brush shampoo like Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Gel or Sephora Solid Brush Cleaner* once a week or - at the very least - every other week. 

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7. Try something new with your makeup

This is one that's just a little more fun. I think this is always a good thing to do. It's great to have a routine, don't get me wrong - I love having go-to makeup that I know will make me feel good when I put it on in the morning. But I also love it when I pick something to change up. Throw on a bright lipstick, or how about a dark one? Line your eyes differently. Do something you don't usually do, whether it's filling in your eyebrows or lining your lips or highlighting your cheekbones. It keeps things fresh and shows you that there's more than one way for you to look and feel great!

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8. Wash your hair less

Oh boy, I've been talking about this one since day one. For those of you who do it, or who are on their way to doing it, good for you! For those of you to whom this feels super scary or perhaps impossible, I assure you this: it's possible. Your hair will thank you for it. Your scalp will thank you for it. Your color will thank you for it. Your wallet will thank you for it. You will LOVE the days when you don't have to do your hair (you can sleep in!). It is achievable!

Take a look here to find out how to do it.

9. Braid your hair before bed

This is something that's a great hair-saver if you have the length for it. To be clear, there's not a RIGHT and WRONG way to do it, there are just consequences to some ways and benefits to others. Sleeping with your hair down can cause it to get stretched and tangled. Sleeping with your hair up can pull the hair and cause it to break. If you can put your hair in a soft braid, that causes the least stress on your hair and gives you some wave to work with the next morning!

10. Get your hair cut regularly

This is another one that gets a lot of eye rolls. I don't know if it's because people think it's dumb or just not necessary, but as a licensed hairstylist, let me tell you this: your hair will be stronger and longer if you get your hair cut regularly.

I recently saw this on a fellow beauty bloggers list of beauty-isms that she totally doesn't get. I think that's because some people word it oddly: "Getting your hair cut regularly will make your hair grow faster." Ehhh, that's not entirely true. Haircuts have no effect whatsoever on the growth of your hair - that happens at the root - but haircuts do have an effect on the length of your hair.

The ends of our hair are the oldest part of the hair and therefore more fragile and prone to breaking. Ever heard of split ends? It's a normal thing that the hair does. Here's the problem: those split and broken ends get worse the longer you go between haircuts, and that breakage moves up the hair shaft, effectively making your hair shorter, not longer. That's why, if you've ever been growing your hair out and gone a long time between cuts, you feel like your hair's not growing. It's growing alright; it's just not getting any longer, because for all the growth it makes, the ends are breaking off.

By getting your hair cut regularly, you stop the breakage before it happens. Your hair will grow, on average, 6 inches per year; if you cut 1/4 inch off every 8 weeks to keep it healthy, you're still keeping more than 4 inches of that growth. You'll lose more of that growth to breakage than to regular haircuts.

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Do any of these strike a chord with you? Or are you planning on adopting any new beauty habits this year? Tell me in the comments below!

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