The People Around You

The people with whom you surround yourself are SO INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT. Here's why!

I'm going to brag on my husband a little bit, and he's going to hate it. Well he might secretly love it, because who wouldn't, but he's a really humble guy so he might kind of hate it a little bit. And let's be honest, those of you who know us might feel a little nauseated.

My husband makes me feel like the most beautiful person in the world. I mean, should Scarlett Johansson stop by, he has a complete pass because let's be honest, it's Scarlett Johansson, and I'm fully in support of that. But sexy celebrities aside, I am never in doubt of the fact that my husband adores every inch of my round and plentiful body because... wait for it... he tells me. And not in the way that still draws attention to what one might call my "flaws." His love is not in spite of the curves or the stretch marks or the muffin top, because he doesn't even see them. When I'm feeling down on myself (or even when I'm not), no compliment is followed with "anyway" ("I love your body anyway") or "to me." I just am beautiful.

At work, my coworkers are completely aware of my yo-yo food moods. I have phases of just eating complete crap all the time, I have phases when  I'm eating well or doing some sort of diet, I love my body, I hate my body, I wear clothes that are super flattering and I wear clothes that are definitely not that flattering. You know what my coworkers say? Not a word, unless it's positive. If I'm down on myself, I hear nothing but encouragement. I get no food shaming, no fat shaming, and I feel not an ounce of judgment.

And of course, there's my family. They've seen my body change for the last 29 years, and for the last 12 or so they've seen it slowly take up more space. Not once has anyone spoken to me about my weight. Nobody compares sizes. We all have our ideas about our own shapes, and we encourage each other in our pursuit of health, but never would any of us think another is anything but beautiful exactly as we are.

There are more people I could talk about (I'm looking at you, friends), but I'll get to the point: surround yourself with the people who love you as you are -- the ones who will encourage you and tell you how beautiful you are. There is no room for the people who make you feel worse about yourself. It is so incredibly important to feel loved and supported, and to love and support others. I am incredibly lucky to be surrounded by these amazing people and there is no way I could believe that I am beautiful if I had people around me telling me what's wrong with me -- even if it's with the best intentions.

Because you are beautiful. Every inch of you is stunning, and you deserve not only to be told so but to believe it.

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