The Revolutionary Way to Curl Your Lashes (That Nobody Talks About)

There's a much easier, much more effective way to curl your lashes... but for some reason, nobody talks about it! Click through to find out what it is :)

I, like many, many women, suffer from lash-obsessive syndrome. That's the one where I want naturally long, voluminous, beautiful curled lashes that will brighten my face and make me look all doe-eyed. Unfortunately I also, like many, many women, suffer from short, thin, straight lash syndrome. I'm just a drop in the massive sea of people wanting what they don't have.

I'm all for embracing what you've got and learning how to work with it, so for that reason, I don't by any means hate my lashes. They're fine. They're average lashes. I'm still going to drool over naturally gorgeous lashes (I'm looking at you, Rachel G.). I'm still going to try to accentuate them whenever I can. Sometimes (lots of times) that's with false lashes, but you know what? Sometimes I just want my lashes to look awesome. So that's when I pull out the heated lash curler.

That's right, I said heated lash curler. Honestly, I'm completely baffled at why people are still using the old clampers -- you know, the classic eyelash curler where you put a relatively large piece of metal very close to your eyes and effectively crimp your lashes into a "curl." Maybe it's just me, maybe I've just never used a high-quality version of those things, but they never work. Have you ever tried curling your hair with a cold curling iron? Doesn't work.

You know what does work? Heat. Listen to me again. Curl your lashes with a heated. Lash. Curler.

I discovered this baby many, many years ago: the heated lash curler by Blinc, $24 at Sephora (currently at 8% cash back through Ebates -- see why you should use Ebates here). It's like a little comb for your lashes, and inside the comb is a tiny little heat coil. All you have to do is slowly run it up your lashes the way you would a mascara wand, turning it a little in the shape of the curl that you want. Voilá! Curled lashes. Slap some mascara on those babies before the curl falls and you're golden.

Enjoy your new, gorgeously curly lashes, Bright Eyes!

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