Try This: False Eyelashes

Applying false lashes can be intimidating, but they don't have to be. Give them a try! Click through for a step-by-step.

Are you afraid to try false lashes?

I don’t blame you. They can be scary to apply, and sometimes even scarier to look at! There's a wide variety of lashes available and they are not all attractive, but it all depends on the look you're going for. Do you want to look like you've got naturally amazing lashes, or do you want your lashes to really pop?

The truth is that the most natural looking lashes are achieved by applying individual lashes, which takes time, practice, and a good pair of tweezers. If you want more of a pop, strip lashes will do the trick in a jiff —but there are still plenty of natural-looking strip lashes! If you haven’t gotten the hang of individual lashes yet, just try a strip! You can try a full strip, or a strip that just puts an accent on the outside.

If you decide to go with the full strip, there’s a chance it will be a little too wide for your eye. All you need to do is trim a little bit off of one end off with your scissors - but be sure to hold it up to your eye first so you know how much. Make sure you trim the inner (shorter) end, because you want to leave the flare at the outside! And just do a tiny, tiny bit at a time - you don't want them to be too short for your eye, either.

Applying false lashes

Take the lash glue (sometimes there’s some in the box with the lashes, sometimes you have to buy it separately), and squeeze it until there’s just a dot of it at the opening of the tube. Now, without squeezing any more, dot that bit of glue along the seam of the lashes. You probably won’t even use the whole dot of glue because you really don’t need much! Less is more with lash glue.

Let the lash glue dry on the lashes for about 20-30 seconds, because you want the glue to be tacky, not wet. Then, either with your fingers or tweezers, gently place the lashes as close to the base of your natural lashes as possible. You don’t want to place them up on your eyelid, because you’ll see the separation between your natural lashes and your false lashes.

Gently press the lashes with the tweezers or your fingers to make sure they’re attached all the way across, and then LEAVE THEM ALONE. Seriously! Just don’t touch them for 5 minutes. Let the glue dry completely. Then go over your eye again with eyeliner to hide any glue that may be peaking out :)

Voila! You have successfully applied false eyelashes! At first, they’re going to feel strange and heavy, but you’ll get used to it, and you’ll look amazing. What's that? You want to see me do it? Well okay.

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