Try This: Individual False Lashes

Individual false lashes can give you a gorgeous wide-eyed look without looking like you have fake lashes on. Give them a try! [video tutorial]

I've filmed a quick tutorial teaching you how to apply individual false lashes for a gorgeous, natural look. I've found myself wearing individual false lashes a lot lately to make up for my stubby little natural lashes :) They're a great addition to plump up your lashes without looking like you're wearing anything! When I wear strip lashes, I usually wear eyeliner to help hide the seam of the lashes. With individual lashes, you can wear minimal eyeliner or even go without. They're an absolute must in my makeup kit.

I use Ardell Flare Short Black lashes because the medium lashes don't blend well with my natural lashes. Usually, though, one would wear medium lashes on the outside of the eye and short lashes in the middle for a flared look. Combo packs with all lengths are available too, glue & tweezers included!

You'll want a waterproof lash glue that dries clear; Duo is the most popular brand for makeup artists. In the tutorial, I use LashGrip, which is waterproof and came in a pack of lashes I bought a while back.

Lastly, get yourself some tweezers. The ones I use are the tweezers in the Ardell combo pack. They're pointy, and I like them but I haven't tried using a regular pair of tweezers with individuals so who knows! Regular tweezers might be great.

Enough babbling... enjoy the tutorial!

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