Weekend Brows vs. Weekday Brows

Different occasions call for different brows! What do you do on the weekends vs the weekdays?

As I have said many times, eyebrows are everything. They are beautiful, incredible facial features that have the potential to change your entire face. Brows are the one thing I never skip, and I think I would be horrified if I were to realize that I forgot to do my brows. They are so necessary.

Brows are versatile, too. They can be full-on -- sharp, full, defined -- or they can be softer, a little more relaxed, and that all depends on what else you're doing with your makeup and outfit. I tend to look a little more done-up during the week when I'm working (the beauty industry requires a bit of put-togetherness), so that's when I do my full-on brows to match my (most likely) winged eyeliner, bright lips, jewelry, and all-black clothing. On the weekends, I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, so my makeup and my brows are a little more relaxed. I want everything to be a little more natural-looking.

Now, I fully realize that I'm probably backwards from most people. Weekends are for getting dressed up, and weekdays are for "work attire" (i.e. nothing too crazy on the face, including brows). In that case, Weekday Brows may be more relaxed, and Weekend Brows will be more full-on. Call the brows what you will; what matters is that you know how to do them either way so that your brows can be as versatile as the rest of your face!

Weekend Brows

I really embraced the weekend brows recently when I finally found a product that would allow me to use only a powder or shadow for filling in, and I wouldn't be browless an hour later. NYX Eyebrow Shaper (6% cash back through Ebates!) is a waxy pencil that I apply through my brows first, and this will both shape my brows and provide something for my brow powder to stick to.

I like to use a powder for my weekend brows - specifically Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in Taupe (8% cash back) - because it gives a softer effect to my brows. Instead of sharp, super-defined brows, I get a more relaxed and less harsh look that fits my weekend mood. So once I've run the NYX shaper through my brows, on goes the powder with a Real Techniques brow brush from their Starter Kit (6% cash back). Voila! Weekend brows done.

Weekday Brows

My weekday brows, though... we want them sharp and we want them sexy. So brow powder is not going to do it. I like to use multiple brow products to give my brows some dimension (so they don't look drawn-on), so it's perfect that the weekday brows involve just one more step from the weekend brows: the ever-coveted Anastasia Brow Wiz (8% cash back -- get the picture yet??) in Taupe. The pencil allows me to define the edges of my brows a bit more, and to make them a little bit darker. So Weekend Brows + Brow Wiz = Weekday Brows. Simple, right?

To make it even simpler, I've made you a video to see both Weekend and Weekday brows :) Enjoy!

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