Whish Soda Fountain Collection


Whish sent me samples to try with no agreement whatsoever to even write about them, so everything you see here is my personal opinion. For my full disclosure policy, click here

Bath and body products are the type of thing I've always dreamed of being "in to." I'm a Dove-soap-in-the-shower kind of girl, and I've only recently started to truly moisturize my skin (oh my, do my legs need it!), so when I got the opportunity to try the new Whish Soda Fountain Collection I jumped on it.

Whish products had me at hello because they're free of all of that icky stuff we don't want to slather on our bodies, like parabens, sulfates, etc. The products are all-natural and organic whenever possible, so you can feel good about loading them on. And I have.

The Soda Fountain Collection was created in time for the 2015 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale beginning July 17th and running until August 2. The line consists of body butter ($12) and bath & body gel ($15) in four flavors scents: Black Cherry, Ginger Melon, Orange Cream, and Key Lime. I had the pleasure of trying Orange Cream and Key Lime body butters!

As I'm sure you can imagine, right off the bat these smell sweet. I mean, imagine a sweet-smelling body product and then kick that up a notch. If you like sweet-smelling products, these are definitely for you! I've got a big ol' sweet tooth in me so I certainly don't mind some sweetness, but these might be a little too much for those of you who prefer floral or musky scents — though I imagine you wouldn't find yourself steering toward a product line called "Soda Fountain Collection" to begin with. Let's just say this: if the title appeals to you, you will love these.

The nice thing about them is that once the product goes on, you don't find yourself being overwhelmed by it for the next few hours. You can smell it, but within 10 or 15 minutes it sort of blends in with everything else and doesn't stick in your nose. I see this as a good thing because where fragrances are concerned subtle is always better.

I do wish the body butters were a thicker consistency; when I hear "body butter" I imagine thick, heavily-moisturizing... well, butter. These aren't quite that. These are more like your average lotion in consistency, which can be a downer if you need a major dose of moisture, but a big plus if it's summertime (you know, like it is these days) and you don't want your skin melting.

Whish stands out to me as a whimsical product line (is it the "wh"? Whish? Whimsical? Is that it?), and they've definitely lived up to that idea with this line. Whish Soda Fountain Collection 16 oz. bath & body gels ($15) and 16 oz. body butters ($12) can be purchased in Black Cherry, Ginger Melon, Orange Cream, and Key Lime starting July 17th at Nordstrom.

Are you planning to try any of these products? Comment below!