Worth Co. Studio and the #myworthmovement

As a blogger, I get a fair amount of PR emails. Some of them represent a company looking for bloggers to review their products; some of them are press releases; some of them are how-to's for recent red carpet events that I can write about on the blog if I want to. Some of them are interesting, some of them have turned into reviews on the blog, and 98% of them are irrelevant.

Last year, I got one of these emails and, unlike most of the others, it immediately grabbed me. Malinda at Worth Co. Studio, an LA-base bath & body company, contacted me about a project they were working on and asked if I wanted to be involved. It's called the #myworthmovement, and they wanted me to the answer this question: How do I remind myself of my worth?

This was a different question from what I was used to getting from these PR emails. Malinda told me a little bit about the company, and I instantly fell in love. I'll use her words, because I couldn't explain it better myself:

"Our mission is simply to celebrate the worth of every woman, one product at a time. In addition to products that nourish the skin is special packaging that fuels the soul. Filled with messages that promote a positive self-image, every single item serves as a daily reminder that we each are original, uniquely gifted, and purposed to make an indelible mark on those around us."


If you've been with me for a while, you know that self-love and a positive self-image are incredibly important to me and something I've been on a journey to find for a few years now, with some success and, naturally, some setbacks. I think that believing in your own worth is the key to a happy life and also one of the biggest struggles among people today. So I am whole-heartedly on board with Worth Co. Studio and the #myworthmovement.

They got the project running early this year; you can see my answer here, or you can browse others' answers. I love the inspiration that comes from pages and pages of positive self-image. Follow them on Instagram to get a little love-boost in your feed (we all need it!). 

And the products?

Worth Co Studio Original Lip Scrub

They're sooooo great. They all smell flipping fantastic (which is what we all want in bath & body products, right?). I adore the lip scrub! It's the only thing that keeps my lips smooth and flake-free. Shop the line here â€” you won't regret it. And while you're at it, check out their Brand Besties! I'm honored to be included among a group of like-minded women who support positive self-worth in addition to being addicted to beauty products. :)

Worth Co. Studio, you have my heart! I will forever support you & your mission among women. Companies like you are so important. Also, you're an incredibly sweet group of people. Get used to seeing a lot more Worth Co. products on A Greater Gorgeous!

How do you remind yourself of your worth? I sincerely want to know — comment below!

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